All City Barber Shop Inc.

Excellence and Pride is what we do.

All City Barber Shop Inc. Is a barber shop thats unique in design and style. We are going to change the way people know most shops to be in the past. Our ultimate goal is to let people know that they should expect more in a shop. We have all license barbers that are all extremely experience; our barbers are licensed and cutting hair for several years. Every barber at All City Barber Shop Inc. are professionals, and very skilled in varies arts and methods of the hair cutting industry, Also all of our barbers constantly tuned in on the most cutting edge newest designs, and styles. Our barbers have all been carefully selected base on their experience, and what they bring to our shop and most important the satisfaction they bring our clients. They are skilled with straight razors, scissors, regular cuts, flat tops, fades, blowouts, shape ups, and many many more cuts and designs. We do cuts for everyone seniors, children and everyone in between. Their is no cut or style that you can't get at our shop, we do it all satisfaction guaranteed; Also with the unique personalized touch, our shop provides catering to what our clients wants and desires set us apart from all other shops. We provide the best quality service possible to everyone here, local and coming from all cities everywhere.
Come enjoy the ultimate barber shop experience... 
Open. . .  Still seeking licensed exp. Barbers and also senior barbers
20600 No.2  W Pennsylvania Ave.
Dunnellon, Florida 34431
Please contact SAMMY 352 895-2487